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Interactive 3D Virtual Tour of the Regional Museum Esmeraldas

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Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday from 09h00 to 16h00


Esmeraldas, Calle Piedrahita 427 y Simón Bolívar


The Technical Secretariat for Social Memory preserves and presents to the people of Esmeraldas, the relics left by the first expert handlers of platinum in the world, skilled goldsmiths who toured the coast of Tumaco and Tolita, grandfathers and grandmothers loaded wisdom and experience to tell, towns of powerful warriors; but above all, the history of intelligent teachers committed to become one with nature.

Mankind has made impressive technological advances in the area of Esmeraldas and around, example of this are the material remains of a culture created by ancient peoples. We see evidence of the imminent need for adaptation and management of a changeable climate, an understanding of the strong point in the ocean where powerful continental currents collide, and its consequences, a territory marked by impressive predators. It is this wealth of flora and fauna that marvelled the first settlers of the northern Ecuadorian coast, the proximity to the ocean gave them a secure food supply and new challenges.


Interactive 3D Virtual Tour of the Regional Museum Esmeraldas

Permanent Exhibition of Regional Archaeology

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