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Interactive 3D Virtual Tours of the Regional Museum of the Northern Sierra

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Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday from 08h30 to 17h00


Ibarra, Sucre 721 y Oviedo, Ibarra town center, one block from the Parque Central


From the Guayllabamba valley in the province of Pichincha to the city of Pasto in Colombia, human groups settled and found their home in this land; its first settlers posessed information about the flora, fauna, topography and the cosmos around them. It did not take them long to discover the privilege of living in the middle of the planet; masters of proportion and mathematical concepts given to them by the stars, man of the northern highlands of Ecuador began to capture in clay, stone and metal an extraordinary wisdom stemming from thier philosophy or worldview.

The Technical Secretary for Social Memory cordially invites you to get to know the first accurate calendars designed, developed and disseminated in our country. We invite you to visit the ancient records of their sacred production, inspired by our páramos, forests and mountain ranges. Come and get to know its sacred mythical animals, but above all you are invited to meet these intelligent and wonderful human groups.


Interactive 3D Virtual Tours of the Regional Museum of the Northern Sierra

Permanent Exhibition of Regional Archaeology

Permanent Exhibition of Colonial Art "Enigmas"

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