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Interactive 3D Virtual Tour of the Museum and Cultural Center Riobamba

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday from 09h00 to 17h00


Riobamba, Calle Veloz entre Juan Montalvo y Carabobo, edificio del Consejo


Protected by the colossal volcano Taita Chimborazo rests Riobamba, country heart and powerful center of cultural exchange as well as technological and scientific exchange, a trade post with a history of thousands of years.

Cradle of powerful chiefs and warriors brave the present territories of Bolívar, Chimborazo and Tungurahua are important strategic forts in the country. They were the owners of an important trading center because of its crucial location on the trade routes of our pre-columbian Ecuador; roads that transported mullu or Spondylus shell from the coast, medicinal plants and fine feathers from the Amazon, Ucuyayas, and fabrics from the south, and coca and mates from the North.

The Technical Secretary for Social Memory through its museum and cultural center invites everybody to participate in the histories told by thousands of lives that crossed and defended these lands; passing through markets, crops and fortifications and homes. Come and feel proud of the ancestors who lived here and the Ecuadorians who still do.


Interactive 3D Virtual Tour of the Museum and Cultural Center Riobamba

Permanent Exhibition of Regional Archaeology

Permanent Exhibition of Colonial Art "Mariology"

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