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Interactive 3D Virtual Tour of the Camilo Egas Museum

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Monday to Saturday from 08h00 to 17h00

Sundays and Public Holidays from 10h00 to 18h00


Quito, Esmeraldas y Venezuela


With the clear desire for democracy in culture, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, through the Technical Secretariat for Social Memory, brought into the 21st century this iconic museum synonymous with inspiration for creativity and social change. As part of the renovation of this wise old house, it now has a window to the digital world.

Nestled in the northern part of the historic center of Quito, the centuries old house on the street corner of Venezuela and Esmeraldas, since 1980 is the home of the Museo Egas, cultural engine and showcase of a proud city recently declared "World Heritage Centre".

"... throughout his work, Camilo Egas marks the union of creation without recreation by way of a mysterious personal thread, that was the secret of his constant transformation. Never complacently remaining with one way or one style, errant in painting and in life, Egas would realize perhaps his greatest desire, to never stop... Restless, fluorescent, immutable and just as did his pinted figures he himself expressed his persistent evolution, his insatiable curiosity, his iron momentum..." Raul Andrade, Video biography, Camilo Egas Fragments of the History of the CCE.

Camilo Egas' work shows us an Andean genius, a curious muralist that was an amalgam of experience in surrealism, expressionism and abstractionism. A rebellious man who denounced the inhumane conditions of his indigenous brothers; precisely the result of this cry to the world is that Camilo Egas, together with Víctor Mideros and Nicolás León, creates the Ecuadorian school of Indianism, where far from being folkloric his works posess a clear discourse of social realism, denunciation, movement, and speak of a real and deep love for his people.

Visit the museum and learn more about the life and work of this Andean genius.


Interactive 3D Virtual Tour of the Camilo Egas Museum

Museum Camilo Egas

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