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Interactive 3D Virtual Tour of the National Museums of Ecuador

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Opening Hours

Tuesday to Friday from 09h00 to 17h00

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 10h00 a 16h00 (except January 1 , Good Friday and December 25)


Quito, Av. Patria y 6 de Diciembre


The historical memory and cultural heritage were made public in the year 1945, the humanist visions of Guillermo Pérez and Hernan Crespo Toral. They discovered that many gold artifacts housed in the vaults of the Central Bank had an artistic worth that far exceeded the value of the metals they are made of. This marked the first fund of assets from Ecuador with full awareness of their value, understanding the imminent need for rescue and preservation with the same priorities, resources and necessary care that applied to the other assets of the nation.

Since 1969 Ecuador has tangible proof, studied and systematized in a national museum; real testimonials from our origins of our belonging to Ecuador. A specialized heritage center that until now hopes to be the center of development of our country; not only economic development, but social, that enriches and prides each of the people it represents.
In 2010, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador, together with the support of the people and nationalities of the country, started a long process to conserve, protect, study and disseminate art and culture. Updating resources and providing tools that allow us citizens democratic access to cultural goods and services, in order to raise awareness of our social memory through our rich cultural heritage.

On the tour through the halls of the National Museum, visitors will appreciate the wonderful technological, scientific, artistic and religious works, and amazing designs, indictions of the life and creativity of the prehispanic inhabitants. In the Colonial religious art section, we meet the schools of arts and crafts, true universities of art, engineering and architecture that have managed to absorb the creative heritage of our latitudes. Therefore, the objective of the National Museum is to know, recognize and strengthen local, regional and national identities within an intercultural framework.

In the first sections of the National Museum the archaeological pieces are exhibited from pre-Hispanic cultures, from basic tools, to jewelry made of precious metals like gold and platinum. Cultural property brings the past to life through sculptures, masks and ritual tools, a reflection of a particular way of conceiving their environment and their relationship with the cosmos.
The Colonial era, from the arrival of the Spaniards that, in the specific case of Ecuador, lasted nearly three centuries and was characterized by the subjugation of the indigenous people through Christianity. An evangelization process however that did not completely eliminate the indigenous religious worldview, resulting in a mixture with the European models and concepts that led to particular forms of resistance by the dominated groups.

Through technology we welcome our brothers Wao, Awa, Cofan, Redwoods, Quichua, Montubios, Afro-Ecuadorians, mestizos and all others, a welcome from the comfort of their own homes. No matter if you are 5 or 60 years old, you will definitely discover something new every day. No matter if you're still awake while we are still asleep, or even if your language or ancestry are different.


Interactive 3D Virtual Tours of the National Museum of Ecuador

Permanent Exhibition of Archaeology

Permanent Exhibition of Precious Metals

Permanent Exhibition of Colonial Art

Temporary Exhibition of Platos Carchi

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