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Virtual Museums of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador

Culture is a powerful tool that enhances the pride of its people. Culture gives us hope, wisdom and confidence; it showss us belonging to a territory, a history, a nationality.

Thanks to revaluation policies, inclusion and participation of the current Ministry of Culture and Heritage it is possible to have a Virtual Network of National Museums whose main mission is to support diverse populations in their learning needs, conceptual and technological; the job of the museum is to convey the worldviews of the makers of the works that are housed in the national collections. Feelings, fears, visions and technologies of a human culture with more than 12,000 years filled with creativity and genius, full of wise histories that will serve as a compass to achieve that good life to which we all are entitled.

In Ecuador, since 1946 there has been worked hard for the protection of cultural heritage; men and women born in the last millennium, from their visions, concepts and beliefs agreed on the need to build for future generations with a well-established body of cultural property to be guarded, preserved, studied and disseminated for the benefit of all people.

Humanity and constant curiosity brought us to almost magical times, times where distances increasingly become smaller and almost everything is just a click away. Our cultural heritage is ready to go out into the world through the information super highway, proudly we introduce a new museum for all, inclusive, welcoming and free.

We greet our pre-Columbian ancestors, Caspicara, Olmos, Camilo Egas, and Guayasamin, and among others all major Ecuadorian teachers, hopefully with your help your work will very soon also be part of your own museum.



Kichwapi katinkapak kaypi llapipay

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